iMedical Healthcare Solutions Acquires Bed Techs, Inc.
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"5 Rs" Solutions

iMedical Healthcare Solutions is a dynamic healthcare company that offers a wide range of specialized services to cater to the evolving needs of the industry. With a strong focus on supply chain consulting, our dedicated team ensures efficient and seamless management of medical equipment procurement, distribution, and inventory optimization.

Introducing the iMedical Healthcare Solutions "5 Rs" Solutions


Empowering Healthcare: Rent, Refresh, Reallocate, Depot & Dispose – Comprehensive Medical Equipment Solutions for Every Need.

iMedical can help your Health System

Extend The Life of Your Assets
Expand Your Budget for Additional Inventory
Elevate the Quality of Your Equipment
Enhance Patient Satisfaction
Eliminate Unnecessary Work for Caregivers

Embracing cutting-edge technology, we drive medical IT innovations, developing and implementing solutions that enhance operational efficiency, data management, and patient care. At iMedical Healthcare Solutions, we are committed to revolutionizing healthcare delivery through our expertise and commitment to excellence.

We offer

Three Tiers of Work


Rentals & Reallocation


Refresh & Disposal/Deinstallation


Depot, Consulting, Technology

Asset Management Services

The cornerstone of our offerings, we pride ourselves on quality. Our teams across the globe are able to provide patient-ready equipment at a moment’s notice.

  • Patient-ready equipment sales
  • Full-service rental contracts
  • Medical asset management
  • Repair & service contracts
  • Transportation & removal
  • Donation management

Logistics & Consulting Services

We know how many moving pieces go into managing the assets of a whole facility, so we work hard to make it simple for our clients at every stage.

  • Full-facility equipment planning
  • Construction consulting
  • Final capital acquisition
  • Equipment reallocation
  • Operational logistics
  • Supply chain consulting

Medical IT Services

Our team of IT professionals build systems that integrate with healthcare facilities of any size, ensuring systems integrity, security, and compliance.

  • Custom software integrations
  • Medical software development
  • Product development
  • Digital transformation
  • Cloud migration services

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