Innovative Collaboration: Med One Group and iMedical Redefine Medical Equipment Delivery
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Medical Equipment Movers


Allow iMedical to assist with your end-of-life medical equipment and consumables.


Experts at deinstallation of large and small equipment for transfer to another facility or disposition.


“iMedical has assisted with closing many hospitals and repurposed equipment and assets to sister hospitals by relocating equipment, supplies, and fixed assets. We recently relocated 5,000 assets for a 16-facility health system.”

“We met with hospital executives to determine older and end-of-life equipment. We replaced and removed the older equipment from each facility over three months. This process saved millions of dollars in capital purchases and found homes for equipment in smaller clinics and surgery centers in their health system.”

Find out how we help you deliver efficiency and Value

Asset Transfer Program

  • Seamless transfer of equipment between facilities
  • Instant service notifications
  • On-demand and transparent reporting
  • Guaranteed pick-up and delivery times

Experts at moving all types of equipment, including CTs , robotics , and other specialized equipment.

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